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This page is dedicated to my dad (11/11/1944 - 11/11/2004) whose mountain house in the Dolomites - shown here - has almost been completed

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  Daniele & Ginestra

Wedding - 12/05/2009   


Italy - August (19th - 31st, 2009)


"Bella" is here - Born on February 25th, 2009


Daniele (& Ginestra) Graduation (March 11th, 2009)

University of Padova, Italy


New Year's Party - December 31st, 2008 (Philadelphia)


At the beach, Ocean City, NJ (July 2008)


Christmas & New Year's 2007 (at home and with friends)


 Enjoying the Bahamas (11/3rd thru 10th, 2007)


   Max's  SKYDIVE - 10/02/2007  



Italy - August 1st - 19th 2007


 - In Venice

- In Verona

- At our mountain house / San Martino

- Climbing to the top of the world / Rosetta

- Miscellaneous pictures


In good company by the fire (May 2007)


California EASTER Trip (April 3rd - 10th)


Christmas 2006

Christmas Day

New York City Trip - Day one (12/27)

New York City Trip - Day two (12/28)

Atlantic City Trip (12/31)

Amazing homes and some other pictures




My trip to Italy & Croatia (07/26 to 08/08/2006)


Julie + Jeff = The Wedding of the Century (05/21/2006)


To the Philadelphia Zoo (May 28th, 2006)


Alex's 6th Birthday Party!


Alex skiing down the slopes - 02/25/2006


The VERY BEST from Seattle, WA (10/4 to 10/11/2005)


Josh & Sarah Wedding (09/19/2005)


July 4th, 2005 (at the beach & at the parade)


CA July Trip (to wedding with relatives)


Italy, June 2005 trip


California Trip (Coppolas') - 03/30 to 04/04


Alex's 5th Birthday!


Alex's first skiing lessons!


A few pics from XMas 200


Al Maso - 11/14/2004


The Latest Pictures (At home, in NYC & Thanksgiving Day)


JEEPIN' (Paragon) - September 26th, 2004


Italy, July 2004 - Daddy's Trip


My 4th Birthday and my

3D Gallery URL link here below (CLICK on it):





Latest home, Alex & Jeep pics




  - My All new 2003 JEEP


 - Easter 2003 (April 20th)


  - My 3rd BIGGEST EVER Birthday (03/03/2003)


- SNOWSTORM (snow Days) ... January+February, 2003


My TRIP to ITALY - Christmas 2002:


- At my grandparents' place

- In the small and beautiful old city of Bassano

- At my uncles' Andrea (w/girlfriend) place

- At my uncles' Daniele (w/girlfriend) place

- In romantic Venezia

- During a 3 hours lunch


Thanksgiving Day, 2002

- Trip to CORNING (NY) and NIAGARA FALLS (Canadian Side) ... 10/10 thru 10/14, 2002

- Alex at the "PLEASE TOUCH MUSEUM" in PA with Savanna - September 22nd, 2002

- Alex and Savanna at Story Book Land, NJ - August 10th, 2002


The California L.A. Trip (May 9th -> 19th, 2002):

- With Karen's Dad and at BIG BEAR Lake...

- With the 3 boys and traveling thru HOLLYWOOD / BEVERLY HILLS...

- At UNIVERSAL STUDIOS (Hollywood) and KNOTT'S Berry Farm...

- California Adventures and the Disney's ELECTRICAL PARADE...

- At Nancy's house and a FAMILY picture...

- And of course ... the STAR WARS Jedis (also ... at the OSCARS Kodak Theatre, and with the STAR(s) of "The Lord of the Rings" - Elijah Wood

"We all had a GREAT time (ALEX had a blast) ... thanks for everyone's warm hospitality. You are the very BEST ... in that WILD, WILD WEST".


      Alex on his 2nd Birthday ... March 3rd, 2002

       Alex and his LOVE for SNOW ... January 20th, 2002

       Alex ... the "TIGER BABY" ... - January 3rd, 2002



       Alex's First  HALLOWEEN  - October 31st, 2001

       Alex in his own living room on October 8th, 2001

       Alex at the BEACH in Ocean City, NJ with his friend Stephanie on        Sept. 9th, 2001

Alex's TRIP to ITALY and CROATIA (July 30th thru August 12th, 2001):

      -  Alex in Venice ...

      -  On his way to Mali Losinj (Croatia)

      -  Our place/home near Losinj

      -  Sailing away in the GORGEOUS sea...

      -  A little bit like Heaven / Miscellaneous pics

      -  Family pics and Alex learning to swim !!!

      -  Pics from our home and on the road back home...

*** It was a really GREAT trip ... the weather was terrific, crystal clear water, little crowds, EXCELLENT food (fresh fish every night!) and most of all Alex could have not behaved any better! Enjoy the many pics......


        Alex...getting ready for WIMBLEDON in his backyard...July 8th, 2001

        Alex and "his" computer ....hmmmm ... DON'T THINK SO !!! (June 30th, 2001)    

        Alex and the refrigerator......May 22nd, 2001 ay 7th, 2001.

        He's WALKIN' .... & rollin' (April 30th, 2001)!!!!

          My very FIRST birthday......

Alex playing with mom and dad .... in bathtub, playing with the  computers, and playing in his room (February 20th, 2001) !!! 

           Almost walking........almost 11 months old - 01/22/2001

            X-Mas 2000 .... with Friends and Family              



            November_18th_2000  (Almost Walking)

            THANKSGIVING DAY, 2000

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